Books i have authored


Inflection Point – Feb 2021 (upcoming)

ca coover

Corporate Avatars – September 2017

Because Life Is a Gift :)
                           Because Life Is a Gift – October 2014
My Beloved’s MBA Plans – January 2013

Somewhere within me resides,

a small girl with a dream world of her own.

Expressing my hopes, dreams and all views,

With every penned word, a new thought process is sown.

Some know me as an author,

Some know me as a friend.

Some walk along with my in my journey,

To all my experiments, support they lend.


A poet, a dreamer, a philosopher and a writer – that’s how I would like to describe myself.

I am proud to be an alumnus of Delhi College of Engineering and the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta. My alma maters go a long way in defining the person I am.

I love life for all it brings. All my four books ‘My Beloved’s MBA Plans’,  ‘Because Life is a Gift’, ‘Corporate Avatars’ and the upcoming one ‘Inflection Point’ are my honest attempts to inspire and motivate people to live life to the fullest, dream and dream big!

I would love to hear from each one of you on just about anything.

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2 thoughts on “Books i have authored”

  1. Hi, I currently have an offer from IIM Ahmadabad for Pgp 2016-18. But I am a sole earner of my family. Leaving the job leaves us with my parents dependent on me and me unable to financially support them. I will only have a couple of lakh in total savings if i resign and leave for Ahmadabad. do you think I should drop the idea of going to IIM ahmedabad? Should I try again next year? How will I take care of my family in the current scenario?

    I have 3 years work ex, work in the government sector and My current pay package is 6lpa per annum. With my age and profile, Do I have a shot at giving CAT again? I will b 26 this year.

    1. Hi Mukul

      Thanks for writing in. First of all, many congratulations on making it to IIM-A. I understand your dilemma and can totally relate to it, being at that position at some point in my own life when I had an offer from FMS and could not take it due to my financial situation being not so great. 7 years later, the dream always remained and I did PGPEX. Based on my experience, I would NOT suggest you to give up on the offer. Reasons:

      1) It’s a lifetime opportunity. You never know and you cannot guarantee you can get it again.
      2) It will be a short term struggle if you do it now and graduate with a good CGPA from IIM-A, land up in an awesome job and recover all the money that goes in your education in just a couple of years. Also, as you grow older, the family responsibilities will just increase.

      Take a loan, you would be able to repay it after your MBA.

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