Book Excerpts

“Years after you are gone, people will not remember you for what obstacles you faced. People will remember how you emerged victorious.”

“The only disability is no self-esteem. People who cannot walk can fly with their attitude.”

” We cannot deal with our inner demons by denying their existence, but by acknowledging and challenging them.”

“I realised how often we place our sense of self-worth upon the way others treat us. I started wondering why was it that I bothered about people who didn’t care for me and in the process, hurt those who did.”

“Surely, if there is pain in life, there is healing too. If there is hopelessness, there is hope too. If there is ugliness, there is beauty too. The idea is to never give up on the gift called ‘life’.”

“I told them to give me a chance. I did not need reservation or relaxation.”

“If you show people what you can bring to the table, people do not see what you can’t.”

“For a disabled person to live a dignified life, things needs to be handled much more professionally.”

“Nothing can be debilitating unless you yourself allow it to be. “

 “I believe the world is a great buyer of your happiness but not your problems. “

“The winning horse doesn’t know why it runs. It runs because of the lashes and beating – the pain given to it by its jockey. God is the jockey who guides and rides us. So whenever you are in pain, just believe that God wants you to win the race.”

“Children in such orphanages are not looking for chocolates, but books. They do not want to be dependent on others. Rather, they want others to help them become independent.”

“If everything is given to you, you stop making progress.”

“Thanks to medical science which declared me dead that my faith in God has became stronger.”

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