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If you are weekend movie lover or an employee in any corporate firms and have money to spare, I ask you to buy this book and heartfully laugh.”, Writers Pouch in their review

“Corporate Avatars is a mirror of your life especially if you have worked in a corporate world.” , prominent blogger Sarath in his review

The simplicity of the chapters and the funny sentences are one of the best aspects of the book. Disha made sure that the readers enjoy the one liners now and then. It kept me engaged till the end. Each reader can relate one other character with their real life. The tips she gives are practical and simple to apply.” ,  etale in their review

Waking up every day to go to office with passion, determination and love for work rather than for money is difficult when you have personality conflicts with people around you.”   says Disha in an interview with WriterStory

Relatable, engaging & entertaining! I am literally planning to gift this book ‘Corporate Avatars by Author Disha’ to my friends who are office goers so they can share a laugh too!️” , says prominent blogger Meghana in her review

“There is rarely an employee who has not felt dejected or let down by the appraisal policies and has questioned themselves “Why me?” This book has those answers. It helped me understand the mindset of bosses well.”, says book reviewer Namrata in her review

You will not feel bored or find a character which shouldn’t be there in the book.” , says Exploreourway review

“I tried to think but couldn’t think of any that she could have missed .” , says blogger Samarpita in her review

I write on subjects meaningful, relatable and real. Through my first book ‘My Beloved’s MBA Plans’, I wanted to bring out real life love stories of married couple who faced the real practical challenges of balancing their personal commitments with professional ambitions. Through my second book ‘Because Life Is A Gift’, I wanted to change society’s outlook towards disability. Through my third book, I want us to deep dive into the different people we meet every day at our workplaces and how one can strive towards good working relationships with each of them.” , interview with Writer’s Destination

There are almost 60 such categories, making sure that you would have come across them in one way or the other. It is not only about the categorization of these people, but also about how to tackle them effectively, confront them when getting along isn’t easy and tackle every odd situation without you being the odd one out. The tips shared at the conclusion are interesting, some of which you must already be doing, a few you should try.” Wonderful review of the book on prominent blog reviewer, Kaushal Gupta on his blog




Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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