The Year that was

As the year draws to a close, I sit and introspect how the year has been for me. It was an year which gave me so many pleasant memories, but also perhaps the biggest pain of life: the loss of loved one.

The year began on such a negative note. Granny left us all alone on Dec 31st 2012. On January 1st, I came back from Calcutta to see her lying dead. On the first day of the year, we cremated her and the most precious chapter of life came to an end. The loss has been and will always be irreparable. We are all still finding ways to cope up with it. Life will never be the same without her. My best friend, my mentor: I lost her.


The year also gave proud moments. I still recollect my convocation day. When I went on the stage to collect the director’s merit award, the pride in my mom’s voice, the shine in her eyes said it all. For her, that was one of the best moments of her life, as she later told me. The picture says it all.



Then came my book in August. The way my friends supported me – a heartfelt thank you! Then came the first time I took the book in my hand, the first review, the first newspaper coverage, the recommendation by Dr. Tharoor. Each word of appreciation mattered. It always will. I still wait for a good review every day 🙂

The new job at Yatra, a new industry, a senior role got with it its own achievements and challenges. I am still learning and improving as a professional. My journey as a writer has been full of learning too.

The projects with PickaFight introduced me to some great inspiring individuals. People who taught me the value of life, of courage and conviction, who taught me to dream and dream big!

The person who most touched my heart this year is Dr. Rajinder Johar from the family of disabled. A man bedridden for 28 years but who runs an NGO for disabled people and has touched a million lives. His spirit, I salute!



The year has made me a quieter person, but more at peace with myself. My visits to the temple may have come down now that granny is not around. But my visits to meet the old lady outside the gurudwara have more than compensated for that. In her, I have found my granny. In her, I have seen a glimpse of God.

For 2014, I have similar plans. I plan to work on my next book, continue my small efforts with PickaFight, and keep learning on the job and from people around me. Hope the coming year makes me a better and wiser person.

Good Bye 2013!

Welcome 2014!

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