So much changed in 2019. And yet, the only thing which changed was the coming of love. So much distance I traveled. And yet, I feel home now. 2019, you were the best year of my life so far. Coz you gave me the one thing we all humans are born for – love, selfless love.

Jan 1st 2019 was not just another day. It was when me and my husband exchanged our profiles on the matrimonial website and decided to take things ahead. Parents spoke and exchanged our phone numbers. We met for the first time on Jan 13th. But it did not feel the first time. Jan 26th, we went for our third date and confessed love. Marriage just felt a natural progression. Feb 1st – 15th, we were separated by time zones but our hearts yearned to be together. Feb 24th, we were formally accepted by each other’s families and engaged forever. March 14th was the day I could have lost him in a road accident. The next three days in the hospital and months of recuperation have been painful. April 22nd, we were married.

People say life changes after marriage, more for a girl. I agree partly. I think it equally changes for the guy. It changed for both of us. Our daily routines changed, our priorities changed. But the value systems did not. We both still loved the simple things in life. We both had the weekend routine of going out with parents, which we started doing together with both sides of parents.

We experienced many new things in this new journey. From setting up two homes – one for ourselves and one for mom to to traveling to other cities of the world – Goa, Delhi, Mysore, Ooty, Coonoor, Pune,Mumbai – India, Manila – Philippines ; Phuket – Thailand to him watching Punjabi movies. We got to know each other’s inner circles. We fought and made up. We understood marriage.

We did small little things to bring joy in other’s lives. Nothing fancy, and yet everything so deep and meaningful.

On the professional front, the journey was full of fun and learning. Being at Google is a lifetime experience. A company which truly values its employees. I learnt a lot in my new role and also found it challenging. I struggled sometimes with working across time zones. But the journey was worthwhile.

I read and wrote less this year. I found very few books interesting. In fact, I abandoned a lot more reads this year because I decided I needed to only read what I found worth my time. Two best reads of the year – ‘Thinking Fast & Slow’, ‘Trillion Dollar Coach’.

I exercised less and ate more. I, the girl, who wrote a long blog post on the benefits of waking up at 5 AM started waking up late. Guess, marriage makes us too contended and may be even lazy.

The end of the year could not have been better either. I visited my husband’s maternal family and yet again, I did not feel I was visiting anyone for the first time – fun, love and emotions came together to make memories of lifetime.

2019 – thank you for coming in my life. You taught me as much to go out as to look within. You taught me to appreciate nature. You taught me to live in the moment and not worry about the future. You taught me that life is to be lived guilt free!

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