Are you a good co-passenger?(Ola/Uber Cab Sharing)

Of late, I have succumbed many times to the temptation of doing a share ride on Ola/Uber and save some bucks. I have also patted myself for saving mother Earth from some extra pollution if I was to ride alone 🙂

As a co-passenger, I have had some funny and some frustrating co-riders for company. Here are the five most funny and frustrating co-passenger personalities.


I am an expert at the routes

This personality type tells the driver to switch off the GPS and follow this guy’s instincts (read sense of direction). After all, he travels everyday on this route. So what if makes you get stuck in a long traffic jam when the GPS would have otherwise shown you the fastest route. I have had a person who made me get down at a wrong building because he convinced me that was my destination.

I am an expert at driving

I recently had a share ride with two females. They kept telling the driver to drive fast as they were getting late; keep left. They kept probing him why he did not take the service lane. The guy eventually banged his car against a pillar. Had I been the driver, I would have asked them to get down and refunded their money.

I will make you travel an extra 2 Kms because I cannot walk for 30 seconds

When you are on a shared ride, it doesn’t harm to think about your co-passenger. I have come across people who just have to cross the road and go across. But they will rather make the cab go 2-3 Kms and then take a U-turn than get down. Their pick up has to happen from their home when it might take 15 minutes to enter their narrow lane and come out.

I smell bad

Another polite request. If you know you sweat bad, please take an individual ride or carry a deo. And please do not have mooli-parathas just before boarding a share ride. Have mercy on your co-passenger.

I talk, talk, talk

This fellow cannot sit without talking. He will either be on phone and try and strike a conversation with you. Nothing wrong in it, but sometimes on a 2 hour ride back home in the evening when all you want to do is rest and the other person’s constant chat is the last thing you need, take an individual ride.

How have your experiences been with share?

Happy sharing!

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