Aspire to Write?

Over the last few days, I have been approached by a lot many people asking me how I managed to write the book, what can they do if they wished to do something similar, what does it take to become an author..Although, I myself am a beginner, but thought of sharing my own experience here for the sake of others aspiring writers:

1) Be Clear on Your Objective to Write: Some people write for passion, some write to be noticed. When I started with my first writing experiment, I scrapped it after I had written 25-30 pages. Reason? Well, in the journey of writing, I had written stuff which I could not share with everyone.. A lot was random and closely linked to my own experiences in life..But will a stranger appreciate that? The answer was NO.

So, I asked myself : Am I writing something for myself or for readers? The answer brought in  a lot of clarity in my mind…

2) Write regularly: Even if it means, writing a page a week, but a regular writing helps one keep the momentum going. When we begin writing a book, we want to finish soon as well. So, then we pressurize ourselves to write volumes every day. Unfortunately, that gets difficult. And we lose interest in writing. The best remedy is to write regularly and write in small bits and pieces. Never force yourself into writing. There are times I could not think of anything to write for months..And then suddenly, ideas flowed and I wrote 2-3 poems everyday..

3) Share your writing with some close friends. Feedback is important: As I mentioned in the previous post, your own work is too dear to you that you overlook all its mistakes. It is important to take feedback from friends whom you can trust to be your best critiques. Even after my book is published, the suggestions been given to me by my friends are very important to me. Each feedback is helping me improve as a writer and keeping me grounded.

4)Don’t worry on finding a publisher: When you begin writing, do not let your mind be crammed by thoughts of how would the work eventually get published.If you really write well and focus on that aspect, you would eventually find one. And worse case, there are plenty of good self publishing options available now a days. So, stop worrying, start writing.

5) Connect more often with people who write: Join some writer’s club. It just keeps you going..

6) Write for yourself first, then for the world! Coz unless you would love your work, no one else will :)

My first book is a great sense of achievement and has made all efforts worthwhile. Hope yours hits the stands soon too. Would be happy to extend personal support to anyone aspiring to write…

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