Bye bye 2021, welcome 2022

Today is Jan 12th 2022. I am 12 days late in welcoming 2022. In fact, I do not know if I will be able to finish writing this post today or will it take another few days. Welcome to the world of motherhood. Where it is hard to predict what is going to happen in the next one minute. Will your infant keep sleeping? Or will they wake up howling for your attention? Will they need you? Or can you be by yourself for some time? This summarizes my 2021 journey I guess. Yes, I became a momma in 2021.

Prisha, my daughter, was born in May’21. The word ‘Prisha’ means ‘Gift of God’. And gift she indeed is. Prisha was born in the peak second wave of the COVID pandemic; times no one would forget. It has been a roller coaster ride. The pandemic has taken away a lot from so many of us. The pandemic took away my cousin sister, a soulmate and role model to many. The fear of getting infected while being pregnant and now with an infant is mentally tiring. Each time, we contract even a common cold, we want to get tested right away.

Since my daughter has come into the world, my days and nights revolve around her. I have not slept peacefully for more than 2 hours at a stretch for more than 8 months now. I have not read a book sitting on my couch or watched a movie on a Friday night without being called by the little angel for feed. And yet, while the body is tired, it keeps going. One smile and everything feels worth it.

The year also was the year my forth book got published. ‘Inflection Point‘ has several leadership lessons from top leaders across industries. It was fun to write a book while expecting another baby to come out soon. I was unable to devote as much time to this book, as I did for my other books. Even now, there are a few ideas floating in my head. But there is just no time to sit and focus. I am distracted with some or the other baby stuff all the time.

In terms of travel, we visited Delhi to meet my family. We traveled to Jaipur from Delhi. The road trip was memorable. We also went to Udaipur in the last week of November. And came back just in time before the new strain went berserk. The stay at some of the luxury properties in Rajasthan was a lifetime experience. Worth every penny.

I read fewer books this year. First with pregnancy and now with a baby, my attention span has drastically reduced. Plus I do not get longer hours to focus. And when I do get some time, I just go to bed.

I wrote much less too. But I did start a social media handle @storiesfrommynest to share tit bits of my motherhood journey through the medium of short poetry. The page has taken off well and people are now waiting for new posts.

2021 end left many questions – Will there ever be a covid free world? How will I ever get back my corporate rhythm. Will I make a good mother? Can I do that while still maintaining my own passions and professional life?

I am looking forward to 2022. With an infant, I am excited to reach many new milestones – see her take her first step, say her first word, kiss me and hug me. I am grateful to God for the health of my near and dear ones. I am also praying that the world becomes covid free.

Welcome 2022. I hope you do not wear a mask!

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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