Experiences..small but memorable

Be it my first class at IIM-C,
  or the first presentation,
Be it my first quiz,
  or the first class participation.
Be it my first walk around the campus,
  or the first ‘jetty’ experience.
Be it our first get-together and introductions,
  or sleepless night for submissions.
Be it the first morning walk,
  or be it the first fall from cycle.
Be it the highest marks in some subject,
  or the scare in another to fail.
Be it playing with the kids of my friends,
  or be it chats with their better halves,
Be it the experience of staying alone,
  or be it the friendly campus staff.
Be it arguments and small misunderstandings,
  or be it the juggle between consensus and majority.
Be it the class’s high energy levels,
  or be it the batch diversity.
Be it the mess food,
  or eating out at machaan.
Be it the late night bakars,
  or giving each other gyaan.
Be it the birthday celebrations,
  or the keertan at Janamashtmi.
Be it the last moment panics,
  or be it the night tea.
Be it the placecom updates,
  or be it the heated discussions.
Be it the brochures and the resumes,
  or be it the interview preparations.
Be it the lattice and other events,
  or be it the various competitions.
Be it the Kolkata culture,
  or be it the joy of being an IIMCian,
This one year has a lot in store,
  and has given me experiences so new.
Moments to cherish and moments so precious,
  and memories to look forward to.

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