Guest Lecture – Amity

The first experience of everything in life is so very special. Be it, your first day in college or a first job, the first experience comes with some uncertainty which makes it exciting. So, when Amity University approached me to take a session with its students, I was excited. Till date, I had only attended lectures as a student. This was going to be my first experience on the other side. Also, till date, I had given multiple presentations. But this was the first one where I hardly knew my audience. So, there was some anxiety as well, to begin with. I thought hard on what would it be which the students would like me to talk about, which could be the connecting chord between us. I also tried to understand from the college as to what were the students expecting from the lecture and prepared a slide show accordingly.

When I reached the college, I was given a very warm welcome. In the seminar room were around 100 students; all eager to hear from me.  There were students from engineering, from mass communication, journalism and many other diverse groups.

I tried to keep the lecture as interactive as possible. Shortage of time and some communication gaps were little dampening. But the student’s enthusiasm made up for it. Questions ranged from career guidance to dealing with parental conflicts to creative writing to even someone asking me what I thought of the Supreme court’s recent judgement on article 377. At the end of it, I was presented with a beautiful painting made by an Amity student. Felt very special. Post that, had interaction with the organizing committee who appreciated the whole event and presentation.

IMG_1997 IMG_2001 IMG_2006 IMG_2010 IMG_2013

I took anonymous feedback from students on how they found the session. The feedback has been pretty encouraging and flattering.


A lot of the students have written that I have made them dream big and they would introspect on how they would want their careers to be like. Happily, I walked out. With experiences so special.

Looking forward to many more such events in future.

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