Happy 34th Birthday Disha :)

It is 12:08 AM when I began to feel sleepy. The replies to the rest of messages can wait till tomorrow. I hit the bed. But introspective thoughts of last year leave me restless. A part of me begins to go in flashbacks. And I get up, open my laptop and start penning this entry down.

This entry is about me looking back into my own last one year’s journey and smiling at it. How would I want the 33rd year of my life to be remembered as? Let’s see..

Fear of the unknown begins to lessen – This year has made me feel more secure in my present and less worried about my future; be it marriage or career or anything. This year has made be realize that all I have in my hand is to do my work, my job. The outputs then should be left to the unknown power above. From consciously deciding to crib less to living each day as it comes, I am trying it and it is yielding results. On the professional front, I took an instinctive bold step and did not let money mold my principles and self-respect; a decision I will be always proud of.

Journey of writing my third book – My books are like my children. As a mother gives a birth to a baby, these are my creations. This year will be special as its an year I could overcome my writer’s block and created my third book. I also started working on two other books but dropped them in the middle; nevertheless had interesting experiences in writing those.

Bringing smiles – This is something which makes my living worthwhile. Whether it was about distributing shoes to the rickshaw pullers or giving stationary to children, be it supporting an NGO through donations or helping a visually impaired friend with typed notes; as always all my friends actively supported me in all these endeavors. I am glad I could bring smiles on some faces.

Travel continues – On Aug 1 last year, I was in China. This was followed by a Ladakh trip. Then a trip to Mumbai and another one to Pune happened followed by my moving to Bangalore. Each place, each trip brought with it several memories for life.

Landmark Forum – One of the other things which would stand out this year was my finally doing the Landmark Forum earlier in 2017. A transformational course which helped me understand how to take responsibilities of every relationship in my life and do my bit to keep them.

Books, books and more books – My reading list grew and some really good books got added to the list; 18 of them (see the complete list here .



Some learnings I had from the year:

  1. I have begun to appreciate people who have stood by me always. I cherish their friendship every day of my life now. I have realized true friends will always be few. Rest will be around you when you are in a position of power and leave you when you are not.
  2. A lot of people around seem to be stuck with wrong choices in their lives. Classic case being a professional set up. If you are not happy at the place you are spending 10 hours of your day at, no amount of money, power,position is worth it my friend.When I resigned from my previous job, a lot of people told me to take back my resignation. After all, Paytm is a brand to work with. But to me, my self respect and worth is above all such brands. The same people who felt I had taken a wrong decision are now trying to be my best buddies and trying to get their CVs into Amazon. I have found this a learning experience for myself. To have faith in myself first and people later.
  3. My mom continues to amaze me. At this age, coming with me to a new city and starting a new life; it takes a lot of love to do that. When I go to office and she is all alone in a new city when she can’t speak English. She continues to be my soulmate.
  4. I am fortunate enough to be giving back to the society. If I still don’t, no one is poorer than me.
  5. Money is a by-product, not a goal. So are designations.
  6. Being true to myself and taking out time for small little moments of happiness.
  7. Stand by my own decisions and be responsible for all the consequences, whatsoever.
  8. Lowering expectations is the key to happiness. Every one is right in their own world. It is easy to see people as wrong and us as right. The game of rights and wrongs though takes us nowhere.
  9. The best moments of life are still with loved ones, and not with money or power.
  10. Not caring about keeping everyone happy. Ultimately, not everyone is meant to be forever in your life. If people cannot understand you, do not make attempts beyond a point and compromise on your own happiness.

Happy Birthday Disha 🙂




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