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Six years ago, a friend of mine told me about a course he had done. Hellbent he was that I should do it. I had known that friend as a person of his words. And yet, the fact that he was too pushy about it and the fact that the course costed close to 10K made me not do it. Six years later, someone else told me about this course again. This time, I decided to do it.

3rd – 5th March 2017 – Some life transforming learnings I got.

3rd March – As I walked into a room full of 160 people; people of different age groups, diverse professions had walked into the program with different objectives. Some had relationship issues, some had come with career problems and some had come simply because their family members or loved ones had pushed them. People were asked what they wanted to achieve in their lives. Key Concepts:

  1. What happens, what stories we make – Understood every thing is a view, an opinion (
  2. Being in the stands versus being in the court (where all the action is) – Risk taking
  3. The moortikaars example – just like that, as a duty, see God in the stone
  4. Rackets – Unwanted things in our lives which we do not want and yet persist. Payouts (Win/lose, Right/wrong, Domination/Avoid domination, Justify yourself, instigate other person, avoid responsibility). Costs – wellbeing, satisfaction, aliveness, vitality, love, affinity, self-fulfilment. Fixed Way of being + Persistent complaint
  5. Wherever there is an area of life not working for us, we are being inauthentic – I pretend that…whereas in fact…. The impact of this is that…The possibility that I invent is…
  6. Decision versus choice
  7. Authenticity – Saying something and taking action in the same direction
  8. Integrity – Being true to your words
  9. Strong suits – 3 areas of life which are your strong points and give you result
  10. Life = Rackets + Strong suits + Thoughts in mind
  11. You are a meaning making machine. Your life is empty and meaningless
  12. What drives us in life? “looking good/avoid looking bad”, because life is Dangerous.
  13. Past could be meaningless and when you are empty of the past to create, you are powerful
  14. Possibility Declaration
  15. You are not stuck with who you end up being. You are not what happened to you. You are whole, complete and unbroken, and no one needs to fix you. You just need to choose yourself. When you choose, there are no likes or dislikes.
  16. The maruti->honda city->ferrari->maruti example
  17. If any relationship with parents or children is incomplete, it impacts all areas of your life
  18. It is so easy for us to be manipulated by circumstances and give in

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