Happy Diwali

Let us light a candle this diwali;
which takes away the darkness of the earth;
a candle of love and compassion;
a candle which truly lights our hearts.

Let us exchange sweets this diwali;
which make this diwali truly special;
sweets of harmony and brotherhood;
sweets which leave a taste eternal.


Let us light crackers this diwali;
which burn the evil within us all;
crackers of unity and humanity;
crackers which arouse our souls.

Let us make a ‘rangoli’ this diwali;
and fills our lives with colors of bliss;
colors of peace and colors so divine;
colors which celebrate the spirit of diversity.

Let us wish each other this diwali;
And wish for everyone’s bright future;
wishes with smiles and wishes in person;
wishes which make this world better.

Let us offer our prayers to God this diwali;
and thank him for all his blessings;
prayers to remove pain from everyone’s life;
prayers so pure, honest and healing.

Let us celebrate this diwali;
in not just a manner so materialistic;
celebration of the message it brings to us;
celebration of its true spirit!

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