O dear maggi, what would I do without u.
You make my life so easy.
When am in a rush,you are there;
or when am craving for something tasty.
You are available everywhere,
on river side or mountain top.
You are available in big malls,
as well as small kiryana shops.Everyone likes you so much,
whether young or old.
You can b cooked with or without more veggies.
your utilities many fold.Some eat you for breakfast,
some have you for lunch.
I can gorge on you anytime,
you make such a good munch.My granny likes you,
as much as my baby.
Sometimes,you are a savior,
when am both hungry n lazy.

Masala maggie,the best of u,
the masala everyone’s favourite.
Generations will come and go,
but you would remain the best bet 🙂

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