I am, after all, just a human..


I feel happy,
  I feel sad.

I can be at peace,

  can also get a little mad.
I feel sure,
  I feel confused.
I can be hurt forever,
  can also make truce.
I feel safe,
  I feel insecure.
I can do no harm,
  can also manipulate.
I feel alone,
   I feel whole.
I can let go,
  can also be in control.
I feel attached,
  I feel cold.
I can live in fear,
  can also be bold.
I love with my soul,
  I can also hate.
I can fail to feel any emotions,
  can also be compassionate.
I feel selfless,
  I feel selfish.
I can punish,
  can also forgive.
I celebrate victory,
  I accept defeat.
I can be logical,
  can also blindly believe.
I laugh, I long, I aspire,
  I have put no limits on desires.
So many colors, so many moods,
  Sometimes like the earth, sometimes the fire.
I am, after all, a sea of thoughts,
  Every moment, every day a new person.
I don’t understand myself either,
  I am, after all, only a human..

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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