Being thankful


O God, rarely do I come to you in gratitude,
  often I approach you with my small and big problems.
O God, ignorant I have been always to your blessings,
   my focus has been on challenges and complications.
I fail to thank you for giving me a healthy body, mind and spirit,
  granted I take the nature you have created for peace and bliss.
I crib about not having enough of what I want,
  not even knowing if that would give me true happiness.
O God, I complaint of things I do not have,
  and in my prayers keep those material things.
I always think of taking more and more from you,
  rather than being selfless in giving.
I love to accumulate, I fear losing,
  I feel death is a distant destination.
I keep running behind the oasis of life,
  With no real purpose and without seeking direction.
O God, today I thank you for just being there,
  I seek your true love and nothing else.
I seek humility, I seek peace, I seek gratitude,
  I seek to love every creation of yours always.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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