Find you, my God

I can’t find you in the temple,

  I can’t find you in the mosque.
I find you in every creation of yours,
  From a mountain so high to a river so vast.
I can’t reach you through the ‘poojas’,
  I can’t reach you through scriptures.
I reach you through the love I receive,
  Finding you in my service for others.
I can’t do anything special to appease you,
  I can’t fear your decisions.
I constantly try to accept whatever you give,
 Joy, laughter or grim situations.
I can’t desire you outside of me,
  I can’t fathom you as anything else but my conscience.
I see you as the guide within,
  Every second, every moment, every tiniest bit of my existence.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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