For Pain Demands to be felt..


 I always wanted to out-smart you,
   you were my biggest enemy.
I wanted to deceive you and hide away,
  I wondered who wrote you in my destiny.
You made me weak, you made me give up,
  facing you plunged me into darkness.
I wondered why you kept coming back to me,
  why you were so reckless.
I never hurt anyone, never did any wrong on purpose,
  then why did I deserve you?
Was it my past karmas that brought you to my life?
  something I did in the past of which now I had no clue?
And then one day, I found my answers,
  answers to why you existed in the first place.
Answers to how I and you could still co-exist,
  co-exist meaningfully in our space.
Coz I was not the only one you made friends with.
  I now knew, pain was unavoidable for everyone,
For I learnt, pain brought me closer to myself,
  living in harmony with pain was perhaps life’s biggest lesson.
Grieve, cry and then forget and forgive,
  mourn for the losses and value what you have in the present.
For pain demands to be felt and makes us realize the value of what is left,
  For pain can also be a fodder to grow and learn, pain can also be a friend.


Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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