God’s thought towards our demands..


Of all the species I have created,
   the human species surprises me.
For they remember me in the weirdest of situations,
  sometimes their behavior is so funny.
Last night, a human remembered me,
  when there was an India-Pak match.
He wanted me to make India win,
  he was praying for Kohli to take the catch.
Another boy remembered me,
  when he was going to propose to the girl of his dreams.
He wanted me to convince the girl,
  to influence her thoughts and change her feelings.
A woman wanted me to fix her up,
  with the man she had chosen.
And when I did not, she cursed me,
  not having faith in my decision.
I have had people praying for money, power and fame,
  asking for specific cars, specific jobs and even specific friends.
So little they know of me, so little they want to know,
  they hardly trust in me choosing the best for them.
I am only seen as an ATM machine,
  prayers in, results out.
Faith is a mis-understood concept,
  most humans today do without.
These humans I tell you, feel I can change the situation,
  and make white look black and black look white.
Most do not realize it is me who created the situation in the first place,
 to teach them something and take them on the path that is right.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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