Happy 2016


Every 365 days, a year comes to an end;

and there comes a year which is new.

Everyone celebrates this change of date.

With smiles and joy, the old year is bid adieu.


Let the old year not take away just a couple of dates,

Let it also be the time to leave the past behind.

Let the New Year bring with it not just a new date,

Let it also be the time to move forward with time.


Think what life gifted you in the old year.

Throw away all the hurt, forgive and forget.

Let the New Year begin on a fresh slate,

Without grudges holding you back or any regrets.


For he who keeps living in the past and keeps asking ‘why me’,

Can never appreciate life’s lessons and learn from it.

For he who lives in the present and only the present,

Can truly understand the essence of a new year and embrace it.

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