Sometimes when I walk in a crowd,
but still feel lonely,
When I crave for a friend, but find strangers only.
When joy is hard to find and pain hard to conceal,
When emptiness is the only emotion I can feel
I still smile and feel alive,
The hope in me still makes me strive.
‘Coz I still have hope and hope is all I have
When life tries to let me down,
I only find obstacles around.
When every effort goes waste,
N all I get back are failures to taste.
When the journey seems endless,
My hope makes me stand up and feel blessed.
‘Coz I still have hope and hope is all I have.
When night falls and darkness prevails,
And through turbulent times the ship the ship of life sails.
When love and relationships are all but true,
Dullness sets in and I find nothing new,
When at crossroads, I feel directionless,
My hope makes me stand my by own self.
‘Coz I still have hope and hope is all I have.
When I have nothing to hold onto,
I still have hope to cling to.
When life seems to bring despair amass,
My hope tells me this too shall pass.
Just a four letter word it is,
But can add color to life and make it a bliss.
So whenever it gets too hard to stand,
and things suddenly reach a dead-end.
M still hopeful coz hope is all I have.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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