I go to the temple everyday..

Every morning as I begin a day,
I go to the temple and pray.
The ritual is part of my daily chore,
My footsteps automatically move that way.

I am mesmerized by the idols and their beauty,
So many gods and idols confuse me.
Since I cannot worship all of them in ten minutes,
Selecting one is a task of great difficulty.

I offer them mouth watering delicacies,
Shining clothes and tempting sweets.
Stepping out of the temple, I see a hungry child.
But to him I refuse to feed.

Sometimes God drinks milk too,
Outside the temple, I wait in queue.
Tonnes of milk is drained and wasted.
But I feel like a chosen devotee amongst the lucky few.

I return home feeling content,
From yesterday’s politics, I feel exempt.
Why is there no temple within me,
To stop me from falling in dirt in the day’s events.

I am at constant war outside and within,
My soul is polluted, my conscience is dim.
I search for peace outside and its nowhere to be found,
The faith in God is getting thin.

As I get more selfish and materialistic,
As fake identity also seems realistic.
I pay my penance dutifully,
By visiting a building and my act of worship.

I worship idols, yet do not value humans,
I cheat, I lie, I spoil my relations.
I expect God to bless me like a child,
Even when I harm people by my sharp acumen.

Hyms I hardly understand, prayers I hardly follow,
Saint outside, but my soul is hollow.
I bribe God to fulfill my dreams and desires,
I order him to take away my sorrow.

The human within me screams,
I ignore him in my race for dreams.
But I go the temple everyday,
Its a part of my daily routine.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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