Indian Weddings – An interesting Insight

Today I am at a wedding in the neighborhood,
am amazed at the guests.
People have come to enjoy the free dinner,
For them,the wedding is a fest.
People who didn’t even know the guy before today,
are analyzing  his history and bio-data.
Suddenly,they are so excited about him,
to them,he becomes a “pyara daamaad n beta”.


People have dressed in costly clothes,
It seems I have come to a jewellery exhibition.
Each wants to show off their dresses,
as if there is some beauty competition.

People give some bucks as the token money,
and then give their maids a cooking holiday.
People eat as much as can get inside their bellies,
no gas is lit that evening in any neighborhood house that day.

Some even pack food for the next day,
and sneak it away stealthily.
I stand there controlling my smile,
look at these guests amusingly.

The bride is so confused n scared,
the elders are busy collecting envelopes.
Amidst all this, comes a gossip,
how with the guy she had eloped.

As I m busy observing people,
suddenly the focus turns towards me.
Question of my marriage pops up from somewhere,
strangers start predicting my destiny.

I am saved by a friend’s call,
to avoid getting misunderstood,I converse in English.
But suddenly the noise around me stops,
on me all eyes are now fixed.

I am asked if i can teach their children,
even fees quoted n bargained.
Nw i can’t control my laughter anymore,
I come back home thoroughly entertained!

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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