Let me be

I was born free,
carefree and free of any concerns.
I was born to win,
had no anger or any negative emotions.

Fear was unknown to me,
as was anger, ego and frustration.
I lived an honest life each moment,
right and wrong had no definition.

I never judged people,
forgiveness came easily.
I fell and I got up,
defeat did not come naturally.

Then the first time my teacher slapped me,
I understood what fear meant.
The first time my grades were bad and mom was unhappy,
on my personality, failure made a dent.

The first time I was compared with my sister,
I wanted to be seen as a ‘good’ child too.
The first time I lost my favorite toy,
I became scared to loose.

Little by little, the world of possibilities became far.
as I was introduced to the world of rights and wrongs.
Little by little, I became less powerful.
a world of limits and boundaries began to form.

Little by little, I started judging people,
little by little, I started forming opinions.
Little by little, I started giving up the child in me,
little by little, I adapted to a life of frustrations.

I grew up to be an adult,
angry, scared and confined.
I grew up to live a life of pleasing others,
to circumstances I resigned.

I want to be a child again,
the child I was born.
The child who was free of past,
the child who was a human so pure and strong.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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