Love of a Mother..

Right in the middle of the night,
when everyone is in deep sleep;
she is awake and busy,
feeding and taking care of you when you are a baby.

From your uniform to tie and shoes,
she  ensures you are well dressed.
From your breakfast to lunch to dinner,
she ensures you are well fed.

From helping you with your homework,
to teaching you for exams.
She dreams big of you in life,
for you she has grand plans.

When you are hurt,
She cries along with you
When you smile and are happy,
she shines and is happy too.


And then you grow up,
and get busy in life.
And then you fall in love,
become a husband or a wife.

Your priorities change,
but hers still revolve around you.
She craves for your time and waits,
for the moments together so few.

She hides her pain and still feels yours,
she keeps silent of her problems.
You have grown up but not her love.
she still celebrates your successes but alone,

And then comes her old age,
where you feel she ‘interferes’ .
She is shocked to hear this from you.
she weeps in despair.

In a corner she confines herself,
her silence deafening.
Is this the reason she became a mother ,
isn’t she more deserving?

Give her some time from your day,
no matter how busy you may be.
She is the reason of your existence.
her love as selfless as love can ever be.

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