Me :D

I am a crazy girl, who lives in her dreams
A bird waiting to spread its wings and fly
A stupid human with her own anxieties and speculations.
But a daring girl, who doesn’t cease to try.
Sometimes I wonder why God made me,
what fun did he derive out of this absurd creation.
I live for the present, in the present,
without the burden of hopes and aspirations. 

I want to make a difference,
in the lives of people I meet.
So that when I am not there,
there are lost in my memories sweet 🙂

I can be a loner sometimes,
At others, I make a good company.
I am a reader, I am a singer,
I like to travel away from cacophony.

I love life, I wana live it fully,
I learn from failures and move on.
I am looking forward to meeting you all,
Together, we will create a melodious song 🙂

I am a free bird, I fly;
A student of life, I learn and try.
I am a sailor in the ocean of opportunities;
I sail deep waters, I dive.
I am a child of God, I pray;
no past no future, I live for today.
I am a fighter, I fight adversities;
I tell them aloud, I am here to stay. 

I am an artist, I write;
with words, I paint a world so bright.
I am a dancer, I dance to his tunes,
but where there is darkness, I seek his light.

I am a lover , I love with all my heart,
its a way of life, to meet and to part.
I am an optimist, I don’t lose hope,
I am a learner, I make a fresh start.

I am a human, I celebrate,
all my happiness, to him I dedicate.
I am a wanderer, I charter new paths,
and leave to him, the destination, the fate.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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