My happiness lies in..

A day back someone asked me what is happiness to me. A very simple question to answer, was my first thought. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt glad that someone asked me this. It had got me thinking. So, I am trying to answer it as honestly and simply as I can.

Happiness is when I see my mom smile,
and feel proud of me.
For she is my reason of existence,
she is happiness to me.

Happiness is the happiness of my loved ones,
it defines my inner peace.
For it is they who matter the most in my life,
their happiness should never cease.

Happiness is when I meet the old lady outside the gurudwara,
in no way, is she related to me.
For she reminds me that goodness exists on this earth,
she is just like my granny.

Happiness is Pick-a-Fight and our small efforts,
it brings out the humanity in me.
For it keeps me grounded to the reality of life,
reminds me how lucky God has made me.

Happiness is the smile on the kid on the road,
and each and everyone in this world.
For how can one human be happy unless all others are,
a question I always ask my dearest God.

Happiness is when someone reads my book or blog,
and sends me his/her honest comments.
For it inspires me to write more and keep writing,
The flair of writing is definitely God’s beautiful present.

Happiness is when I see a beautiful flower,
so fresh and pure in itself.
For it reminds me of the great artist called God,
worthy of all praise and respect.

Happiness is when I go to work everyday,
I am helping people create lifelong memories.
For I am working in the domain of holidays,
I do my job with sincerity and to the best of my abilities.

Happiness is also about that one good book, great movie or a beautiful sound track,

  small little things which make me feel so happy.
For life is not about the big moments only,
  but as much about how I spend every second of my day.
Happiness is when a common man wins in our country,
  happiness is when justice is delivered to the needy.
For they bring me out of my comfort zone to do something good,
  it is as much my responsibility to be a good citizen of the country,

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