My two babies :)

The journey of creating a book,

  is no less than bringing a child in this world.
With its own pains and joys,
  a beautiful bond gets formed as the journey unfolds.
Like a child that grows in a mother’s womb,
  hour by hour, day by day.
A story takes its shape and form,
 page by page, everyday.
The journey of creating a work of your words
  is as special as the journey of bringing a child in this world.
The attachments, the excitements, the thrills,
 the frustrating and sleepless nights when several thoughts unfurl.
Like a mother thinks of a child’s name,
  and waits for the baby to arrive.
The euphoria of holding the first copy in your hand,
  and seeing your work succeed and thrive.
From naming your baby to finding a book’s title,
  the attachment grows as the baby gets old.
Like every mother who sees her child as the best,
  you treat your book as a piece of gold.
When people praise a child,
  the mother’s heart swells with pride.
When a book gets a good review,
  in the author’s heart, there is so much delight.
As a mother loves all her children equally,
  it is difficult for her to choose a favorite,
For an author too, every book is a voice, a thought so unique,
   each work is like a God’s gift.
Your child is your legacy,
  long after you are gone.
So is your book which comes to define you,
 Your words remain in hearts for times so long.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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