Slow down..

Catching up with the pace of life
running around doing nothing.
I have come and I will go,
leading a life of no meaning.

Coz I have never felt the pain of others,
forget doing something about it.
Coz all that matters to me is my small world,
stranger is the other man on the street.

Till my friends and family are happy,
I am happy and satisfied.
If someone else sleeps hungry,
that’s his fate and his fight.

Even if I can help make one life better,
I have all the means and capability
I sit idle blaming the government,
those people are its responsibility.

There is an accident on the road,
soaked in blood he lies.
But I do not want a legal hassle,
Succumbing to my attitude he dies.

I read about him in the paper next day,
but then easily I forget and absolve myself.
after all its just another accident,
the man’s driving must have been careless.

I hear  about murders, rapes, riots and wars.
But there are just too many of them happening around me.
I have become too numb to feel anything,
‘bored’ I switch off my TV.

There is a fellow traveller in the train,
But I don’t talk to him.
He seems to be of a different state,
I guess he is a muslim.

Until it happens to someone I know,
Its just another news story.
After all what can I really do alone,
Its a problem of the entire society.

Can’t I help one man on the street,
start may be with my own driver’s daughter ?
Can I not send her to school?
atleast one life I can empower.

can I not take the bleeding man to the hospital,
and think later of the legal modalities?
Its first a life which needs to be saved,
his survival is the survival of humanity.

Can I not befriend the fellow traveller?
and enjoy his company?
Can I not share a smile with him?
What makes it difficult for me?

I travel in car and he is on foot,
I splash muddy water on his clothes.
closed are not just my car’s,
but also my heart’s windows.

why can I not see him walking?
why can I not slow down?

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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