Some days in life, I wonder…

Why is the world the way it is;
  with some people so rich and living a life of luxury;
while others fighting life on a daily basis;
  fighting hunger, winter, exploitation and poverty?
Why some can afford diamonds;
   and others do not know if they would get their next meal?
Why some can splurge, waste without a thought;
  and others cannot even afford the basic necessities?
Why some talk of work-life balance;
  and others work 365 days of the year?
Why some can think of the purpose of life;
  and others live a life of struggle and fear?
Why some talk of new job, higher studies;
  while others cannot send their children to study?
Why some employ young children and exploit them;
  while others have accepted exploitation as their destiny?
Why some enjoy all the pleasures of the world;
  while others can not even move, speak or hear?
Why some enjoy a pleasant childhood and comfortable old age;
  while others are abandoned by people so near and dear?
Why has God not created an equal world;
  why the disparity in existence of everyone?
He must have had some logic behind all this inequality;
I am not able to appreciate God’s way of creations.
I only stand and ask questions;
  questioning my purpose of life
As I stand on the good side of this imbalance;
  I wish, I can do something worthwhile.

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