The connections..

They say courage is a lack of fear,
I say courage is the ability to overcome fear.
For without fear, how does one experience courage?
For fear builds courage within us.

They say failure is the opposite of success,
I say every failure too is a success.
For without failing, how does one learn the lessons?
For failure leads us to the path of success.

They say despair is the absence of hope,
I say only in despair can hope even have a meaning.
For it is so easy to be hopeful when the sun is shining bright,
for hope finds its true essence in dark and despair.

They say birth and death are opposites of each other,
I say birth and death are two sides of a coin.
For old must give way to new and new must learn its lessons and fade,
for birth and death are connected by eternity.

They say love and hate cannot come together,
I say we can only hate someone if we loved them once.
For love and hate are too strong emotions,
to love and hate simultaneously is a beauty of a human heart.

They say..

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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