The Past..

You held me back, you held me strong,
With every step forward, you brought me back.
You made me weak, you made me fearful,
You made me insecure, you gave me panic attacks.

Every time I wanted to let go of you,
you held me tighter than ever before.
Every time you pulled me in deep waters,
Just when I felt I neared the shore.

Every time you drowned my hopes,
every time your voice was deafening.
Every time you left me lonely,
even amidst crowd so maddening.

Every time, you shook my faith,
every time you took my hopes.
Every time you killed my dreams,
every time, you bound me with ropes.

Dear Past, I now let go of you,
forever, for good and with all my might.
No longer do I know you, no longer I care,
No longer you can wake me in the middle of the night.

I walk free, I walk hopeful,
I finally walk knowing my true potential.
I have found a new friend named ‘present’,
A friend so loyal, a friend so special.


Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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