I observe you from a distance,
as you go about your day.
Trying to find commonalities,
trying to navigate your way.

You read about the last day’s happenings,
how did the world changed yesterday.
Not much of it impacts you,
so you forget it as soon as you put the newspaper away.

You start thinking of your day’s meetings,
you start planning every hour.
You want to be done with most of it,
even before you actually start.

You meet colleagues, you smile at them,
many of them you don’t know well.
You don’t intend to meet the human in them,
you don’t have much time to go beneath the shells.

Many of the humans around you, you don’t bother to observe,
the guy who keeps the pantry stocked.
The woman who keeps the toilets clean,
the cook for whose food, to the cafeteria you flock.

You think of weekends on weekdays,
craving for your me-time, to do things you love.
And when weekends come, you are busy in other ways, cleaning, grocery shopping – the to-do list evolves.

I observe you from a distance,
I observe you as you age.
I laugh at what a waste of the life I gave you,
which you could have enacted on my beautiful stage.

Author of "My Beloved's MBA Plans", "Because Life Is A Gift" & "Corporate Avatars"

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