Journey of an Author

Writing a book is no easy task. Especially, when you are time pressed during your MBA. The feeling of letting go comes often that not. You somehow keep moving on..

And then when the manuscript is ready, you start approaching publishing houses. Some respond, some do not. Very few are ready to give a chance to new budding authors like me. Shrishti is one of them. So excited are you to see your book out. But there is a long queue.. Shrishti has a long roadmap ahead :) So, you need to wait for 6-8 months to actually see your baby bloom.. But the wait is worth it. There is hardly a monetary gain to get published. But then its all about passion…

The editing begins. Then the cover page design, the acknowledgments, etc…

Finally, you announce to the world, this milestone of your life. Congratulatory notes make the journey worth while. Your friends stand by you..

Its amazing to see your book in print. The feeling just makes you speechless. You wish to scream to the world to buy your book. You bug all your friends to buy your book. Even if they don’t read often, they have to buy yours :)

Inside your heart, you are nervous as hell..What if people do not like your book. What if it doesn’t sell even ? How can you sell beyond your own network of friends? How about reviews? You see newspaper articles on book and dream about being there some day.. But amidst so many books being released, for them, you are just another. They ask you to give them a copy..The long wait continues..

Some like your book, few may not. Friends feel you are the next Chetan Bhagat. Ask you how many copies you have sold. Never do they know how the industry works… Chetan Bhagat was damn lucky I must say. But for every one Chetan, there are hundred other unknown authors like me..who struggle to make a mark…

The journey continues…

Be a part of my journey. Grab your copy of the book from leading online stores. Would be happy to hear from you: good , bad , anything about the book :)

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