The Quest of Life..

Searching for peace in chaos,

we often forget to look within.

Spending our days in the hustle bustle,

in the end we end up doing nothing.


We just keep running,

going nowhere.

We just keep faking knowledge,

to the purpose of life, unaware.



We crib, complain, find faults,

we burden our loved ones with our expectations.

So easily we overlook our own follies,

so easily we forget to work upon our own limitations.


We speak of wanting to be loved,

but attach so many strings to it.

God makes life simple enough,

it is we who through our actions complicate it.


We come, we stay, we leave the world,

the world is ignorant of our existence.

We regret as the end comes near,

we leave the world with unanswered questions.


Caged by our own fears,

we just love to remain in our comfort zones.

Life just passes by quietly,

its importance we realize only when it is gone.


If we do not even know what happiness means to us,

then how can we pursue the path of happiness.

We make friends with strangers,

but forget to spend time with our best friend, our own self.

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